Mihalis Paltoglou.
He was born in Kavala in 1950. He moved to Athens to study in Department of Pottery of O.A.E.D. in Marousi, Athens.
His teachers were: in pottery wheel Mr. Delavinias, Mr. Goumas and Mr. Livanios, in painting Mr. Stasinos and in plastery Mrs. Fika.
His high marks led him work in many ceramic workshops across Athens. In 1970 he was employed by EMEKO modern Pottery Industry as potter for the next 5 years. Having gained adequate experience in pottery, in 1976 he decides to establish his own workshop in Kalogreza, Athens. Upon his start he makes a wide and remarkable client list based on his technically perfect creations, his consistency and his professionalism.  Between 1977 and 1985 he participates in every year’s Panhellenic Ceramics Show in Marousi, Athens.
In 1986 he participates in a ceramic group exhibition in Mrs. Antonopoulou gallery in Nea Smirni, Athens.
For more than 30 years he has been participating in various commercial exhibitions and he has been continuously participating in <<Tehnima>> commercial exhibition.
He has collaborated with various interior designers, painters, architects, sculptors and ‘arts and crafts’ related people creating for them ceramics of high specifications.
Since 2006 he has a close collaboration with painter and sculptor Mark Hadjipateras expanding his pottery wheel skills even further. His children Efharis and Nikos Paltoglou have followed his footsteps giving to the workshop a more modern touch and the name <<Homatino>> which means ‘something made out of soil’ (soil is ‘’homa’’ in Greek).
Efharis Paltoglou.
She was born in Athens in 1978. She studied at the department of Graphic Arts and Electronic Design of O.A.E.D. in Heraklion between 1998-2001. Her first contact with the art of pottery happened when she was still a child inside her father’s (Mihalis Paltoglou) pottery workshop, as an entertaining activity initially and as a way of expressing herself later on. She participated in a 3 year course on pottery at the Municipality of Melissia where she was taught from ceramist Mrs. Maria Karakatsani.
From 2005 until 2008 she has participated in every pottery group exhibitions of Municipality of Melissia. Also she has participated in <<Greek Craftsmanship>> group exhibition at Athinais Arts and Culture Space in Athens, in <<56 Greek Artists>> group exhibition at Fougaro Arts and Culture Space in Nafplio. Since 2006 she has been participating in every year’s commercial exhibition <<Tehnima>> at Metropolitan Expo in Athens.
Nikos Paltoglou.

He was born and raised in Athens in 1980. He studied electronics, multimedia and applied informatics. Since his early childhood he was in close contact with pottery and clay creations in his everyday life due to his family’s pottery workshop. Initially, pottery looked like an entertaining daily activity. But growing up in an artistic environment made pottery a part of him. His restless character and his huge will for creation turned pottery into one of his main interests. After lots of years of traveling across Greece and lots of working experience in many kinds of job, pottery gained him. That’s how a beloved childhood game and a beloved habit became his personal choice for a living. An everyday challenge, an everyday bet for better creations, using tools such as the freedom of the mind and the beauty of imagination.